Door to Drawer Re-Creations

I love the drawers in this kitchen!  I had a lack-of-drawer issue in my own home and converted a cabinet into a drawer and cabinet combination.  Great re-creation!

Another Drawer Re-Creation is simply turning old drawers into updated slow-close drawers.  That simple change makes your kitchen feel new and updated!


ReCreation – New look at the Right Price!

All of us want a home that is both beautiful and efficient!  At Cabinetry Re-Creations, we get to be part of updating kitchens and bathrooms for customers at prices that fit everyone’s budget.  Consider this kitchen below.

The layout was efficient and the bones of the cabinets were good.  But, our customer wanted an update, a newly RE-CREATED look for 2017.  With some door replacements and updated finishes, they got an entirely new look at a great price.  And, it was all done in a few days with little disruption to their home.

Don’t you love the new look?!!!!

Cabinetry Re-Created – a beautiful thing!