Inner Beauty from Cabinetry Re-Creations


When thinking of Cabinetry Re-Creations we usually think of redesigning cabinetry with a more current update of style and color.  If often includes re-facing and adding islands or more cabinetry.   But, have you considered that cabinetry beauty begins within those cabinet doors?

One of our increasingly popular re-creations is converting cabinetry to pull-out cabinetry.  Some of the reasons that customers are choosing pull-out instead of traditional cabinetry include:

  • Gives you fully functional cabinets allowing you to get all the way to the back of your cabinet
  • Ease of use for those with age limitations or for others who face a disability
  • Provides opportunity to maintain a more orderly and potentially organized cabinet
  • And who doesn’t love a slow close drawer whether an actual drawer or pullout

Below are some examples of a home we recently updated with pull-outs where cabinets once existed.

This is true INNER BEAUTY!

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