We love helping clients update their homes with cabinetry RE-CREATIONS, adding islands to kitchens and transforming older kitchens and bathrooms to bring them up to date and reflecting the homeowner today.

Each new year people take down holiday decorations and then look around at their homes and think of how they can update or change their home.  We look around and compare our home to those beautiful homes in magazines and on television.  But, could it be easier and cheaper than you may think?   Here are some ideas for ways that you can re-create your home in this new year.

#1 – Clean up cluttered spaces

This seems so simple (hopefully not insulting).  All of us come out of the holidays with wrapping paper, gift card packaging and little things we may want to hold onto just a little longer.  Get busy cleaning up spaces that have become cluttered over time, or over the holidays.  You may be surprised at how much more you like your home when it’s de-cluttered!

#2 – Do a deep clean of walls and flooring

It’s absolutely amazing what a difference clean walls and floors will make.  Yes, walls get dusty just like everything else.  Lean in close to your bathroom or bedroom wall.  You may be surprised at how much dust you see.  This is a quick easy fix with a microfiber cloth.

Clean your floors giving extra attention to corners and moldings.  Vacuum all corners and up close to all moldings.  I think we’ve all seen carpets with a dull greyish edge along the molding – there’s your dust!

And don’t miss the back of furniture, especially bed frames.  If there is a flat surface to be found, dust will find it!  You may even find what you liked least about your home was the musty smell!

#3 – Reassign your accessories (and don’t overlook your pictures)

This one amazes me!  Bring all your accessories to a dining room table or staging area.  Don’t overlook bedroom and bathroom accessories.  Then go for a walk.  Give it an hour or two and then go walk around your home and take a good look at the bare spaces.  Go back to your staging area and re-imagine where the accessories may look good.   If you loved a candle or flower vase in your bedroom, try them in your den or the living area where you spend the most time.  Don’t allow yourself to go back to what is most familiar.  Mix and match your accessories to create small vignettes that are interesting and nice to look at.

Reassigning your pictures is important as well.  Put those pictures that most inspire you in places where you need to be inspired.  We all need a little inspiration every day!

#4 – Add fresh-cut flowers or new candles to the places where you spend the most time.

Don’t underestimate the power of smell!  Science has proven that certain smells affect us differently.  Look online for lots of information on this, but to get you started here are a few ideas for some candle scents.

Lemon or Jasmine for calming

Orange for reducing anxiety

Lavander to reduce tension

Cinnamon and/or vanilla for creativity

#5 – Touch up or repair what can be touched up or repaired

If you have small areas of furniture, molding, curtains, etc. that can be touched up or repaired quickly and inexpensively, do it!  It will make a difference quickly.  Stop putting off those long-needed repairs.


After doing some of the things above, live with your home a few days all the while really looking around at what works and what doesn’t work so efficiently.  Then think about what you would like if you could RE-CREATE your kitchen cabinetry, your bathroom cabinetry or other cabinetry in your home.  If an island would much improve your kitchen, give us a call.  If a small drawer change to new boxes with slow close hinges would make a big difference to you, call us.  If you want a new re-creation this year, call us.

We would love to help you RE-CREATE your CABINETRY!


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